Thursday 20 November 2014

CRM for insurance activities

Insurance activity has become nowadays more and more complex.

Business’ concurrence and the offers proliferation demand a platform that could centralize all those information.

Simple CRM is online CRM software optimized for this special activity.

Thanks to Simple CRM you can:

Create files for the policy holders (individuals or companies);

  • Describe your relation with the policy holders, via a custom check box. Example of check box: house insurance, vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance at competitor X, health insurance at competitor Y;
  • You can have reports related to those check boxes. Example: launch a search on clients with auto insurance/ GAP at competitor and then send them a newsletter with your specific offers;
  • Easier creation of newsletter: Simple CRM has a very powerful Mass Mailing which can help with your insurance online marketing. 
  • Link important emails, notes, documents etc. to policy holders;
  • Import documents to Simple CRM directly for your network scanner;
  • Import documents to Simple CRM by email;
  • Check all information from a IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone or PC tablet;
  • Convert emails in sales opportunity, follow-up document, support ticket etc. 
  • Synchronize your contact and your agenda with IPhone/IPad, Android mobile phone or PC tablet etc.

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